Merry Christmas

Two Thousand years ago the Savior came to earth. This season is an opportunity for every believer in Jesus Christ to give thanks for the wonderful salvation that Christ alone provides. For all others, consider the gift of eternal life that Christ offers you. He came to seek and to save all who are lost. To receive Christ as your Savior, read Romans chapter ten in the Bible, when you get to verse thirteen “call” out to Christ to be your Lord and Savior. John 1:12


Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Crowe’s Chronicle

Dear Praying Friends & Supporters,

Our prayer for you is to have a wonderful season of celebrating our Savior’s birth! Blessing for us is that both Marissa and Matthew are engaged. For their entire lives we have prayed daily that the Lord would bring into their lives two Christians of like faith and that love the Lord. Seth and Megan are a direct answer to our prayers in that they love the Lord and want to live for His glory. There is no greater joy for Christian parents to hear than their children are “walking in the truth”. Please pray for them for future jobs, God’s direction in all of life’s choices and for them to continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our ministry has a new dimension: Pastor Shane Belding has taken Victory Baptist Church full time and is no longer the Pastor at Berean. I was voted in as Interim Pastor so am balancing both our evangelism ministry and the pastorate at least for a year. Please pray for strength, wisdom and ability to fulfill the busy schedule both require. Also pray for the Lord to lead Berean to find God’s choice to become the long term Shepherd for that ministry.

Fishing for Men, Shepherd’s Camp and the Father-Son retreats went very well at the new Camp up in Canada. Many spiritual decisions were made for spiritual growth and the Lord did a great work in hearts. Fishing was fantastic and the men loved the new ministry setting with so many options for fishing and enjoying God’s creation.

The Evangelistic Outdoor Seminars were again, by God’s grace, effective this past year. Many churches were built up and so far 168 have indicated that they called upon the Lord to be their Savior through these meetings. I will continue to do the Evangelistic Outdoor meetings but Pastor Rusty will take on a bigger role in that area as I balance the ministry of evangelism an being interim pastor. Please pray for many more to be saved, baptized and discipled in 2016 as we continue to serve the Lord through these ministries.

We are so grateful for your prayer, financial support and friendship,

Evangelist Ross & Colleen Crowe

August 2015


Pr 28:20a  “A faithful man shall abound with blessings:”

This August marks the end of our Fishing for Men ministry together with Captain Rusty Roesch on Rainy Lake. His faithful service to the Lord over the last 20 years with FFM has been such a blessing. His service for Christ marked by financial sacrifice, professionalism and spiritual leadership has been used greatly in the lives of many men. Thank you dear brother for your labor of love for the Lord, I could not have asked for a better partner. But wait, this is not the end of Fishing for Men! We are moving the FFM program to Camp Haven North on Road Lake in Northwestern, Ontario. The Lord has provided a Camp free of charge that is perfect to house FFM, Shepherd’s Camps and much more. So FFM is really expanding to include new and different kinds of camps like father/son retreats. Rusty will still serve at Camp Haven North as his schedule allows. Rusty will also still continue with me in the fall, winter and Spring evangelistic outdoor seminars as his schedule permits. Pray that many continue to call on the name of the Lord for salvation and follow through in discipleship through these meetings. So far this year 135 have personally indicated that they called to the Lord for salvation through this ministry, Praise the Lord!

Pastor Shane Belding at our home Church has resigned and will Nov. 1 take on full time Victory Baptist Church in Ft. Francis, Ontario. Our Church voted me in as Interim Pastor so please pray that Victory Baptist will grow and the Lord will lead our Church in the choice of a pastor for the future. So for the next year I will keep up the evangelism ministry as well as the role of Interim Pastor at Berean. Pray for strength, wisdom and many to be saved through the evangelistic seminars.

Next on the ministry schedule is Matt flying home this week for a week or so and then he and I will jump in the truck and head for Alaska. He is going back to be trained as a fire fighter and EMT at the Kenai fire department and I will preach at three churches across Alaska. Pray for safety, souls to be saved and lives to be transformed through the preaching of the Word. Also please pray for Matt that his new job training will go well and for Marissa as she has started a new job in International Falls as a national sales manager/administrative assistant with a sportswear company.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support,

Evangelist Ross & Colleen Crowe

March 2015

Dear Ministry friends,

Paul states to the Thessalonians:

For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because , when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.

God has been powerfully working through His Word as we have shared the Gospel in the evangelistic outdoor seminars this year. Sixty two have written their names, addresses on a card and indicated on that card that they have called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation so far this year. They turned in these cards knowing that the pastors in charge of these meetings would come visit them based upon their decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our biblical goal: to see many receive salvation in Christ and follow Him in discipleship. Thank you for praying for souls to be saved and for the financial support to continue the ministry God has given to us.

We are praying for a new camp on Rainy Lake to house the Fishing for Men ministry. For this year the groups coming are going to stay at motels or wherever and we will work out of public boat landings to head out on the water. Shepherd’s Camp and Alumni Shepherd’s will be up at Camp Haven North in Canada at Road Lake. Also we will hold a father/son camp at Camp Haven. Pray for good weather, free course for the Word of God, safety and good fishing. Thank the Lord Rusty was able to purchase a new boat for FFM guiding for this year!

Financially we ask for prayer, our refrigerator went on the fritz. We are using the one that used to be in the FFM cabin. We also have the expenses of getting the boats ready, insurances and guide set up expenses that total around $6,000. We always try to set funds aside to meet those needs but the flood that hit last Summer canceled groups for FFM that would have provided some of those funds. Our monthly support has not increased from new churches or new family support, but the Lord is always faithful in taking care of the needs of His children.

Financially Matt was not able to return to Maranatha for spring semester. He is home looking for a job at the moment. Please pray for him and the Lord’s leading and provision in his life. He, Colleen and Marissa faithfully serve the Lord in and through our Church.

Looking forward to this time of year when we have special celebrations remembering the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we all keep living as servants to impact this world for His glory.

Celebrate His Resurrection,

Evangelist Ross, Colleen & Matt Crowe

December 2014

Merry Christmas!

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

This time of year gives all of us as Christians many opportunities to praise and serve the Lord in light of His first coming. As an evangelist I always look forward to the winter months, it is during this time of year that many come to Christ for salvation through the seminars and opportunities to preach God’s Word.

Thank you for praying for the ministry the Lord has given to us, I am scheduled to speak every weekend from now through April. That is perfect timing to start ramping up for the next Fishing for Men season in May. Please pray for many to trust the Lord for salvation. So far this year around 90 have indicated that they called on the name of the Lord for salvation through this ministry. A pastor just recently shared with me that a family was saved through one of the evangelistic fishing seminars, were baptized and have been faithfully coming to his church ever since. To God be the glory and thank you for your prayers and financial support to continue this outreach.

Please pray for a new FFM camp on Rainy Lake. We have been contacted and there may be an anonymous giver who can supply the funds to purchase a camp. That possibility may not come through because of complexities so continue to pray that the Lord will provide. If we don’t get a camp Fishing for Men will continue next summer and the groups will stay at area motels or resorts of their choice. Matt now has his Coast Guard Captains license and has been put on Lund’s Pro-Staff by the folks at RJ’s Sport & Cycle, for which we are grateful. The new boats are ordered and please pray that the Alaskan will sell. The Road Lake Camp is also available in Canada for the Shepherd’s groups and father/son retreats. We have three weeks scheduled up there for those camps. We can’t use that Camp for men’s FFM groups because of the Canadian charter the Camp functions under, it can only be used for kid’s ministry. Pastors can use it to help promote its use with children. So you see the need for a camp for FFM on Rainy Lake!

Matthew is doing well and working hard at Maranatha Baptist University. Rissa is here in International Falls working at the AmericInn hotel and taking care of a home in the Falls for a family in our Church. Colleen is the “faithful wife” of Proverbs and does so much both in our Church and for our ministry serving the Lord. And thanks to all of you for your prayers and financial support. A brother in Christ, who owns Cedar South Auto Sales, is searching for another pickup for Matt so he can tow the FFM boat he will use next summer. Pray for a clean, dependable truck for the limited funds he has to spend. He is excited about serving the Lord with Rusty and I on the water and challenging men to live for Christ.

Your servants for Christ,

Evangelist Ross, Colleen, Marissa & Matt Crowe

New FFM Camp?

Dear praying friends,

We received news last week that we will no longer be able to lease the camp we have been using for FFM these past 8 years. The owners want to start using it for themselves for the Summer. So we have begun to pray and search for a new facility to house the ministry. A lake home with two garages has come available about a mile from the lease cabin. Both of the garages have two bedroom apartments and the main house is a three bedroom home. They sit on one acre of land and it is secluded and in good condition. The lake shore is a channel that would be a safe harbor from any storm or wind direction. The property is wooded and has an eight foot privacy fence around a good portion of the land. All the dwelling are usable all year long as they are insulated. The owners passed away and the property went through probate and was listed for a while but did not sell. They have dropped the price 75,000 under appraisal for a quick sale. I think the reason the property has not sold is that the water front is not nice for swimming so it would not appeal to a family, but would serve our purposes well. They are asking just under 150,000, for those who know the price of property on Rainy Lake that is very low. To afford to service the debt through the FFM ministry we would need to raise all the funds or raise enough to make the payment around 5,000 a year. Please pray for the Lord to lead and direct, I will need to make a decision next Tuesday as there is five other interested parties, we are first on the list to view it after the second listing so I think we have the first option to put down earnest money. Attached is some pictures to get an idea of what it looks like. It would be a blessing to continue FFM and expand it to a year round ministry with a facility like this lake property.

Thanks for your prayers,
If you have any questions or comments drop me a line or call at: 218-875-2091

Evangelist Ross & Colleen Crowe